Ping Identity introduces cloud-based dynamic authorization capabilities for the enterprise identity security market

Ping Identity recently announced the launch of PingOne Authorize as the company introduces cloud-based dynamic authorization capabilities for the enterprise identity security market.

The new technology extends the PingOne Cloud Platform’s cybersecurity protection, beyond authenticating users to controlling what users can see and do within applications. This allows organizations to better reduce fraud, comply with privacy regulations, and improve the user experience.

PingOne Authorize adds dynamic, fine-grained authorization and administration for applications, APIs, and data with attribute-based access control (ABAC). These new capabilities give organizations the ultimate flexibility to apply data access policies anywhere, using contextual information in the decision. By offering it as a cloud-based service within the PingOne Cloud Platform, customers can gain enhanced authorization capabilities and rapid time to value.

“The dynamic authorization management market is set for explosive growth over the next decade thanks to its ability to give enterprises the greatest level of control over what users can see or do while still delivering an amazing user experience,” said Andre Durand, founder and CEO of Ping Identity. “PingOne Authorize establishes a new standard for dynamic authorization by allowing enterprises to easily control authorization logic and update data access policies in minutes in a cloud environment, without sacrificing security or regulatory compliance.”

“In the digital age, flexible and modern authorization management becomes essential for delivering secure digital services that can easily adapt to new security rules and policies. Solutions such as PingOne Authorize help in increasing the time-to-value in building digital services, and delivering consistent, strong security across all digital services,” said Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts.