NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber Intelligence offers anywhere, everywhere visibility

Gaurav Mohan, VP Sales, SAARC & Middle East, NETSCOUT, talks about the emerging threat landscape in the Middle East and how NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber Intelligence is better suited to address them.

How dynamic is the threat landscape in the Middle East?

With a 250% increase in cyber-attacks in the UAE alone within 2020, it is clear that the region was not prepared for the cybersecurity threat resulting from the pandemic. In the first half of 2021 alone, 161 million malware attacks were witnessed in the Middle East, an increase of 17% from the previous year. According to our NETSCOUT 2020 Threat Intelligence report, verticals thriving within the region, such as the Telecommunications industry within the UAE, are the most targeted sectors for DDoS attacks.

How is NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber Intelligence better suited to address the new emerging threats?

At NETSCOUT, we believe in getting inside the mind of the enemy to beat them. Our Omnis Cybersecurity advanced threat detection and response platform offers comprehensive network visibility, threat detection, highly contextual investigation, and automated mitigation at the network edge.

Omnis Cyber Intelligence provides security analysts with the information they need to assess the scope and scale of an incident and reduce the associated risk and negative impact quickly and accurately.

In what way is NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber Intelligence different to all the other similar solutions available?

Omnis Cyber Intelligence (OCI) is the industry’s fastest and most scalable network security software solution, built on the foundation of the industry’s most prominent network monitoring and packet recording and analysis technology. It uniquely detects and investigates suspicious activities in real-time and retrospectively, identifies threats early in the attack life cycle to prevent infections from spreading, stops future attacks, and identifies compromised assets.


With security challenges churning out new dimensions, how is NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber Intelligence set to evolve in the future?

Enterprises have invested heavily in cybersecurity solutions, but they are largely ineffective because they lack the actionable visibility needed to spot attacks before they have a broad impact. As attack surfaces expand, the Omnis Cyber Intelligence solution extends throughout the infrastructure, integrates into existing ecosystems, and becomes part of the growing movement towards XDR, using meaningful metadata, or smart data, and powerful cyber analytics to quickly get to the root cause of the cybersecurity issue and mitigate risk.


Would you like to share any other information with our readers?

As cybersecurity continues to make headlines worldwide, companies and governments alike have begun to realize that the risk is much more significant than anticipated, thus requiring more investment and consideration. The threat of DDoS attacks has become much more complex than it used to be, with triple extortion attacks surfacing and causing significant financial harm to organisations. Therefore, it is crucial to set a preventative and proactive cybersecurity strategy rather than wait for the worst to happen.