Airspeeder and Acronis talks about flying cars

Jack Withinshaw, Chief Commercial Officer, Airspeeder with Mareva Koulamallah, Head of Marketing and Communications Middle East & Africa, Acronis speaks with Security MEA about their strategic partnership and Jack from Airspeeder appreciated the efforts of Acronis to help them introduce world’s first electric flying racing car series in the region at GITEX.

Acronis is the cyber protection partner for Airspeeder and its technology offers real-time data analysis of to deliver protection and allow the flying machine to fly fast and secure. Acronis’ Mareva appeared extremely happy about this partnership and also spoke about the new products and solutions showcased at the show. She also highlighted that the company will continue to invest in the region and invited people to join them at Acronis #CyberFit Summit 2021 in December.