Thales and Qatar University collaborate to boost cybersecurity knowledge in Qatar

As part of the renewed agreement, Thales will support Qatar University with its annual cybersecurity event, Cyber Week, through reintroducing its advanced training tool, Cyber Range, to assist the university’s students in improving their capabilities to address cyberattacks.

The event, organised by Knowledge, Intelligence, Networked Data and Interdisciplinary (KINDI) Research Center, aims to discuss current challenges and future trends related to security and privacy. Held from October 24th, the event will provide students with hands-on training and awareness sessions. Thales will be speaking on the importance of cyber sovereignty and cyber resilience in a new post-pandemic world.

This collaboration builds on a long-standing relationship where the two entities have been working closely in the field of cybersecurity since 2014 when Thales signed an agreement with Qatar University to sponsor a ‘Professional Chair’. This was followed by Thales introducing its advanced training tool, Cyber Range in 2019.

“As a long-term partner of the State of Qatar for over 40 years, Thales supports the country through three main axes: industry, innovation and education. Today, the critical importance of Cybersecurity  is more and more understood, and it is key to support the digital transformation that is happening in all sectors.  It is also becoming more and more complex, and we believe that inspiring future generations to engage in these latest technologies is crucial. Through our partnership with Qatar University, we are developing young experts whose learnings and research will support the realization of the Qatar National Vision 2030, of which security and education are core to building a future we can all trust,” Frederic Sallet, Qatar VP, Country Director of Thales commented.

Dr Abdulaziz Khalid Al-Ali, Director of KINDI Computing Research Center, said, “Cyberthreats represent some of the most significant challenges to national security. Most large institutions, including us in higher education, face cybersecurity challenges. With Thales’ expertise, our students gain a unique practical element which encourages and prepares them to be well trained for future careers in the field of cybersecurity and resilience.”