AHAD to launch its Digital Brand Protection Services at GITEX

AHAD, a leading cybersecurity, digital transformation, and risk management company will showcase its next-generation intelligence-driven visibility solutions and services at the GITEX.

As part of its latest offering, AHAD will provide its customers with actionable threat intelligence to help them make informed decisions against threat actors to keep their organization secure. The brand will also deliver insights on the hardest-to-reach corners of the threat landscape through its Threat Intelligence services that include Surface Web, Deepweb, and Darkweb solutions. Equipped with unique, contextualized intelligence, organizations can secure themselves at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

The development comes at a time when there has been an unprecedented increase in the sophistication and volume of cyber-attacks against businesses across the globe – coinciding with the growing digital adoption in the wake of the pandemic. With attack campaigns being deployed by everyone from state-sponsored hackers and organized crime empires to independent actors with black-ops tech and even amateurs with access to attack toolkits, organizations have their work cut out for them to keep their digital presence secure.

Muneeb Anjum, CEO, AHAD said, “Intelligence-driven visibility provides security practitioners with unprecedented insight into, and knowledge of, risks that their organizations are exposed to. With its predictive capabilities and real-time insights, AHAD’s Intelligence-Driven Visibility solution assists clients in the early detection and prevention of potential cyber-attacks and data breaches, transforming their security posture from being reactive to proactive and, ultimately, predictive, thus defeating hackers at their own game.”

Through the launch of its Digital Brand Protection Services at GITEX, AHAD aims to address the precise need-gap by making robust security solutions more accessible, affordable, and available to businesses. This latest range of services will save businesses from financial losses, brand damage, and online abuse and aggressively track and take down Phishing sites, Malware sites, fake domain, impersonating social media Profiles and fake Mobile Apps.

Some of the threats countered by AHAD under its Digital Brand Protection Services include brand abuse (finding and registering domain names that may appear to be associated with a brand); social media impersonation of the brand or key executives for social engineering, customer-facing scams, fake news dissemination, etc.; malicious mobile apps that impersonate genuine brands; phishing; and fraudulent product advertising.