Galaxkey main objective is to understand the pulse of the market at GITEX

Sameer Shaikh part of the leadership team at leading British data security company, Galaxkey in conversation with Security MEA highlights the importance of GITEX and his company’s plans to showcase their platform that can address the new-generation data security challenges faced by the enterprises in the Middle East.

What are the plans for Galaxkey to be part of GITEX 2021 and why is it important for Galaxkey to be part of the show?
We will be present at the Hall No. 1 during GITEX, alongside our key partner AmiViz. As for the business in the region, we have been in a steady growth trajectory, especially since the past two years. Due to the pandemic, we have been missing the energy and candid in-person inputs that we experience while meeting our industry peers and friends from across the region.

GITEX offers a brilliant convergence platform for the industry with so many customer, channel partner and other stakeholders hitting the right spot. We would like to be at right spot at a right time and also we believe that GITEX coinciding with the Expo 2020, this year’s GITEX could be even bigger than before.

What products or solutions will you be exhibiting throughout the weeklong technology show?
During the weeklong show, we will be highlighting all the components of our Galaxkey data security platform, which includes:

  • Email encryption and control
  • File/folder encryption and secure sharing
  • Secure workspace
  • Secure electronic document signing

This unique offering under one modular platform has been well appreciated by our existing customer base, and we are keen to showcase this to more people.

Which are the major cybersecurity trends influencing the Middle East?
The Middle East is always been a cyber hot bed due to geo-political and financial aspects. And the main trend now is pertaining to data security – we are in very interesting times where a delicate balance is needed between maximizing the data value and protection of this data.

On one side, the region is at the forefront of Post-Covid opening of businesses – and innovative ideas are driving new business models. You just have to read the UAE-50 program recently launched by the national leadership to get an idea of what the region is embarking on. Innovative use of data will be a key component of this growth – from delving into details of the customer data for understanding trends and building new customer-centric solutions, to monetizing data itself. The avenues for business use of data are just mind boggling.

On the other hand, security of this data is paramount to ensure trust retention. Especially when the remote-working and federated staffing models are catching up in the Post-Covid environment, which makes data control very challenging. On top of this, the increasingly stringent privacy regimes.

This “data value maximization vs protection” paradigm – there lies the challenge and opportunities for cyber security companies to stand alongside technology innovation and be at forefront of business growth.

How does your offerings enable organizations to enhance their cybersecurity preparedness in the new normal?
In the hind sight, it looks like our technology was 5 years too early. Well, on a serious note – our solutions have been built to address exactly the challenges described above. We provide data security controls across the spectrum of company data: emails, any file type across any device, workspaces and even document signing.

This unique offering under one modular platform has been well appreciated by our existing customer base, who are using it to address the new-gen data security challenges. Many of our customers have also worked with our development teams to build custom solutions on the platform – something very few OEM offer today.

All in all, our secure, yet simple, comprehensive and cost effective solutions are built to enable organizations to enhance their cybersecurity preparedness in the new normal.

What message would you like to give to the customers visiting the show and why should they meet you?
Our senior leadership comes with strong end-customer experience, which enables us to understand the customer challenges. Plus, we have been in the region for 5 years – and have gone through the product maturity cycle with our customers. Almost all our customers have not just retained our solutions, but built on top leveraging our ever growing product features.

Our message is – come over to our stall for a chat about your challenges and we will be happy to share our insights from what we learn talking to our global customers. We will be excited, if you are interested to further the discussions as a partner or customer – if not, at the minimum, we make a peer connection where we can share knowledge on addressing the industry challenges.

What are your expectation from this year’s GITEX?
Our main objectives are understanding the pulse of the market through in-person customer and partner interactions; this will help us with our product roadmap. We are also looking at increasing our brand visibility to do justice to the value we can add to our customers.

With these increased interactions, we are also confident of adding to our partner and customer base.

Where can we find you at GITEX? 
This year for GITEX, we have aligned ourselves with our key partner, AmiViz and the entire Galaxkey team from local office in UAE and senior executives from UK will be available to meet and engage with customers, partners, and cybersecurity professionals visiting the show from various parts of the world.

You can find us at AmiViz booth no. H1-B1 located in Hall 1 of the Dubai World Trade Center.