ITU selects two Emirati women as ambassadors for the Women in Cyber Mentorship Programme

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has chosen two Emirati women as ambassadors for the Women Cyber Mentorship Programme, which aims to prepare global women leaders in the field of cybersecurity. The programme is aimed to enhance the presence and participation of women in this important sector through capacity development, introducing role models, encouraging communication and exchange of knowledge, and guiding specialists in the field of cyber security in the future.

The two women selected by ITU are Maitha Al Shaali, information security analyst, and Aisha Almarzooqi, cybersecurity capacity development analyst, from the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). The two employees have finished their participation in the programme. They succeeded to demonstrate their unique leadership skills and worked as a team with other colleagues and trainees. They were examples of distinguished young women in important sectors.

On her participation in the programme, Maitha Al Shaali, an information security analyst in TDRA, said: “It was a unique experience rich in knowledge and expertise related to cybersecurity in the telecommunications sector. This programme provided us with the opportunity to interact with specialists and colleagues from different countries of the world. It contributed to enriching our knowledge by benefiting from the experiences of other specialists. The programme revealed to us the critical role that women can play in cybersecurity, especially as we live in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, and digital services.”

In turn, Aisha Almarzooqi, cybersecurity capacity development analyst in TDRA, said: “I am proud to be chosen as an ambassador for this important programme, which opens the door for women around the world to enter the cybersecurity sector and work in one of the most important sectors of our time. The trend of the world towards digital transformation and the adoption of smart services in various fields has created a pressing need for training of cadres specialized in cybersecurity, including females.”

In addition to their selection as global ambassadors for this programme, Maitha and Aisha will share, in cooperation with the ITU, the experiences of Emirati women with women from around the world to encourage them to engage in the cybersecurity field. The two Emirati ambassadors will involve in the development of the next stages of the Women in Cyber Mentorship Programme.

TDRA stated that the Women in Cyber Mentorship Programme aims to overcome the barriers that prevent women’s broader integration in the field of cybersecurity. It encourages women to take leadership roles in the field of cybersecurity and provides specialized training courses. It provides women with the technical and personal skills needed for successful professional development. The programme aims to promote knowledge and exchange best practices in cybersecurity career development. It is a platform through which women in senior positions could guide and enhance women’s professional development at beginner levels.

It is noteworthy that female leaders from the UAE participated in the programme to support female trainees in the region. Dr. Bushra Al Balushi, Director of Research and Innovation Department of Dubai Electronic Security Centre was chosen as a mentor in the programme. She guided the trainees through the best ways of excellence and leadership in cybersecurity. Dr. Huda Al-Khuzaimi, Assistant Professor of Research and Director of the Cyber Security Centre at New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE, held specialized training courses for participants to develop their skills in cybersecurity.