SealPath’s data-centric approach empowers organisations to meet cybersecurity compliance in Saudi Arabia

SealPath, a leading provider of information protection and control solutions, has recently highlighted how its revolutionary data-centric security approach can help enterprises in Saudi Arabia meet National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) compliance with ease and confidence.

With the ambition to become a global hub for technology and innovation, Saudi Arabia launched Vision 2030, a national transformation strategy that aims to diversify its economy from being oil-reliant to a digitally empowered one.

As digital technologies increasingly permeate across all aspects of the Kingdom’s economy, it has also made it a more attractive target for threat actors. This intensified the nation’s commitment to boosting cybersecurity readiness and enabling a secure environment for data and digital operations across all industries. As a result, Saudi Arabia established the NCA to develop and implement the Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC) and Critical Systems Cybersecurity Controls (CSCC).

The objective of the ECC and CSCC is to establish cybersecurity best practices at a national level, covering critical infrastructure, high priority sectors and government services. These security protocols were developed following a comprehensive study of various national and international cybersecurity standards.

SealPath’s feature-rich solutions empower enterprises to have full visibility and control over their data wherever it may be throughout its lifecycle. With one click, SealPath allows data access to be restricted, in real-time, even if this data is outside the organization’s network. Furthermore, once integrated with any corporate security infrastructure, SealPath’s protection automation technologies can help foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness throughout the organization.

“Saudi Arabia is among the leading nations in the Middle East when it comes to digital transformation and innovation,” said Syed Almas Azam, Regional Director – Middle East, SealPath. “In line with this, the Kingdom has taken major steps to strengthen its strategies to keep cyber threats at bay. The NCA’s security mandates do not only ensure data protection for individual organizations but also help prevent any national security incident. SealPath’s security innovations travel with the data, allowing organizations to keep it under control even when it is outside their perimeters. We promise to enable local enterprises to achieve the strongest possible protection for their data, ensuring that they are well-equipped to fulfil the necessary measures stipulated in the ECC and CSCC.”

Attesting to the capabilities of SealPath’s cutting edge data protection tools, leading regional cybersecurity VAD Credence Security’s Managing Director, Garreth Scott said, “Data is the lifeblood of any organization. As regional governments and enterprises continue to embrace the digital age, they are realizing that protecting this vital asset is paramount. We are proud to be SealPath’s distribution partner in the region and we strongly believe that their world-class data protection offerings are exactly what organizations need to bolster their security postures and remain compliant with stringent industry regulations such as the NCA ECC and CSCC.”