Dubai hosts Cyber Security & Innovation Series

The Cyber Security & Innovation Series (CSIS) is hosting over 200 guests in a hybrid online and in-person event from September 13th to 16th online, under the patronage of the UAE Cybersecurity Council. On the 16th of September, the series will come to a close with an award ceremony and networking majlis at the Grand Hyatt. Market Solutions Events Management, a prominent event organizer led by Emirati architect and businesswoman Madiha Salem, is hosting CSIS.

During the 30 interactive engaging sessions, C-Suite Cyber and IT executives, change makers, and business leaders will get insights from a diverse range of speakers. The speakers will address various points of view while emphasizing new developments in the field of cyber security. The discussions will also cover processes for preventing, responding to, and recovering from cyberattacks, as well as developing, expanding, and improving mature infrastructures in the ever-changing cyber world. The event will culminate with an award ceremony and five majlis ceremonies to honor the field’s top achievers.

CSIS will host cyber and IT executives from the most targeted industries in engaging, thought-provoking, closed-door, and most importantly, niche platforms for executives to speak and hear their own language, with audiences dealing with similar risks and environments, and solutions that are specifically designed to help them secure their infrastructures.

CSIS will also cover ransomware, gaining access to sensitive data, and dissecting the nature of assaults, which are becoming more proactive, robust, resilient, adaptable, and smart.