UAE gets ready for Protective Shield Cyber Drill

The UAE Cybersecurity Council, in cooperation with National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) and its strategic partners, is planning to conduct “Protective Shield Cyber Drill” from September 2021.

The drills will target several vital sectors and will cover various cyber-attacks situations, including a simulation of a series of cyber-attacks in a monitored environment, to train various authorities and evaluate their capacities to rapidly respond to e-incidents.

The drills also aim to support defence operations against various cyber-attacks against the country, as well as promote communication and utilise the capabilities of response centre teams, in light of the UAE’s preparations to host the Expo 2020 Dubai, which will begin on 1st October.

The drills will also assist key national sectors, most notably the education, health and economic sectors, and protect them from cyber-attacks, through a series of procedures in line with the best international standards.

Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cybersecurity for the UAE Government, said the drills are part of the efforts to strengthen the readiness of relevant authorities and strategic partners to protect vital national sectors.

They will also improve the efficiency of all participating action teams, encourage coordination between relevant authorities, and help draft proactive plans to address different scenarios and verify the readiness of cybersecurity operations centres, he added.

The integrated drill will help participating sectors and authorities develop and implement appropriate procedures, counter cyber-attacks, plan related improvements, and encourage cooperation between various sectors and authorities, to coordinate the collective efforts against cyber-attacks according to the highest global standards.

Source: WAM