Cyber Security Africa Distribution appointed as Mimecast distributor into Africa

Cyber Security Africa Distribution (CSAD) has been named a Managed Service Provider to sell and administer Mimecast’s integrated services and solutions to customers throughout Africa. Mimecast Limited is a market leader in email security and cyber resilience. Organizations will have access to Mimecast’s best-of-breed solutions via a dedicated team of IT specialists as a result of this agreement.

Mimecast assists organizations in protecting themselves against hostile behavior, human mistake, and technological failure. Customers will be able to address their most pressing security issues with a managed security solution designed to safeguard the number one cyberattack vector, email. CSAD will now be able to guarantee customers have the necessary security measures in place to avoid email compromise and increase business cyber resilience by integrating Mimecast’s brand protection, security awareness training, online security, compliance, and other key capabilities into their service.

The ability to implement data backup management to prevent data loss, having access to a dedicated IT staff with local knowledge on call, having a clearly defined binding contract that defines the work of IT support, and the ability to be scalable and add extra resources incrementally or temporarily are all advantages for organizations that use CSAD as an MSP for Mimecast.