Atos achieves AWS Level 1 MSSP competency status

Atos has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Competency status. This designation recognizes that Atos has successfully met AWS’s requirements for a baseline of managed security services to protect and monitor essential AWS resources 24/7, known as Level 1 Managed Security Services.

This new baseline standard of quality for managed security services was introduced by AWS to benefit cloud environments of any size and it spans six security domains: vulnerability management, cloud security best practices and compliance, threat detection and response, network security, host and endpoint security, and application security. The six domains contain multiple MSSP services, each with technical skillset and operational process requirements specific to AWS.

AWS launched the AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency to enable customers to easily acquire ongoing security monitoring and management, validated by AWS. AWS security experts annually validate the tools used and operational processes of each MSSP address specific cloud security challenges such as continuous event monitoring, triaging, AWS service configuration best practices, and 24/7 incident response. The AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency provides a faster and easier experience for customers to select the right MSSP to help them achieve their goals for business risk and cloud strategy confidence.

Achieving the AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency differentiates Atos as an MSSP and AWS Partner with essential 24/7 managed cloud security skillsets to earn the distinction of Level 1 MSSP.

This new status complements Atos’ position as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and member of the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. Atos and AWS collaborate on Atos OneCloud, Atos’ unique initiative which brings together its comprehensive cloud capabilities into one powerful offering and puts cloud security at the very core of its approach.

“We are excited to be one of the first AWS Partners to achieve AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency status. By working with AWS, Atos is delivering native security services to customers for end-to-end security. We will continue to grow our competencies to help our clients securely embrace cloud services as part of our Atos OneCloud initiative.” said Wim Los, SVP Cloud Enterprise Solutions at Atos.

Atos AWS Native Security services are built around the native capabilities that AWS brings to customers to enhance their security posture, threat detection and compliance. Atos further enhances these capabilities by adding its Security Operations Center (SOC), advanced reporting features, a computer security incident response team and optionally security information and event management capabilities and managed detection and response proficiency through Atos AIsaac. The Atos AIsaac platform is a cloud-native solution with hybrid and multi-cloud support. AIsaac combines award-winning artificial intelligence for cybersecurity, proven high-performance computing, and innovations in edge AI.