McAfee Enterprise introduces MVISION Private Access

McAfee Enterprise announced MVISION Private Access, an integrated approach to enable granular ‘Zero Trust’ access and extend data and threat protection capabilities to private applications hosted across hybrid IT environments.

Many organizations are extending the option to work remotely as the COVID-19 pandemic eases across some regions. The physical office as we knew it has been replaced with a hybrid work environment, where employees are increasingly relying on the cloud for high-speed, low latency data access and seamless collaboration. A Deloitte survey of CIOs found that 62% of workloads would be in the cloud by the end of 2021—up from just 41% in 2019—split across public, private and hybrid cloud deployments.

“As private applications increasingly move to the cloud, organizations are rapidly adopting Zero Trust Network Access due to its security and flexibility advantages compared to VPN,” said Christopher Rodriguez, research director, IDC Network Security. “However, organizations need to recognize that private applications are just as likely to pose a data theft risk as SaaS apps, and that this risk needs to be mitigated.”

MVISION Private Access disrupts the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) market by making data-centricity a core capability of granular “Zero Trust” access to private applications, whether in customer data centers, or hosted in private, public or hybrid cloud environments, from any location and device. The solution provides complete coverage across managed and unmanaged devices and performs continuous risk assessment by deriving enhanced device posture information through McAfee Enterprises endpoint security technology. Furthermore, MVISION Private Access converges with MVISION Unified Cloud Edge (UCE) for a single low-latency, 99.999% available cloud-native platform that offers unified visibility and control across clouds, private applications, web and endpoints.

“ZTNA is built for cloud-first deployments, simplifying technology stacks, reducing cost and complexity, and improving productivity. However, existing ZTNA solutions lack the data-centric security controls associated with cloud and web security needed to secure today’s increasing remote connections,” said Shishir Singh, chief product officer, McAfee Enterprise. “MVISION Private Access unlocks secure, seamless and ultra-fast access to private applications for remote workforces and eliminates the additional hardware costs, time-consuming setup process and complicated architecture associated with traditional VPNs.”

MVISION Private Access provides secure, ubiquitous access to private resources from any remote location and device, and secures remote workforce collaboration with:

• Integrated data loss prevention (DLP) and industry-leading Remote Browser Isolation (RBI): Enables advanced threat protection and complete control over data collaborated through private access sessions, preventing inappropriate handling of sensitive data, blocking files with malicious content and securing unknown traffic activity to prevent malware infections on end-user devices.
• UCE Convergence: Integrates with MVISION UCE, which includes Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) to offer unified visibility, granular access control, end-to-end data protection and advanced threat protection from a unified cloud management console. This seamlessly provisioned private access, along with other security capabilities through the same service edge, establishes the security foundation for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) deployments.
• Granular controls for Unmanaged Device Access: Frictionless support for unmanaged devices, including the ability to move beyond simple access and posture concepts into full session control. MVISION Private Access enables sophisticated policy options that enable organizations to tailor policy to address their desired threat and data posture, even addressing session residence, cookie theft/replay, copy/paste and preventing lateral movement of threats.
• Endpoint Security and Posture Assessment: Extended context from McAfee Enterprise endpoints, powered by proactive threat intelligence from 1 billion sensors to evaluate device and user posture, which informs a risk-based zero trust decision in real-time.
• Hyper Scale Service Edge: Cloud-grade, intelligently peered PoP architecture with 99.999% availability that provides blazing-fast, direct-to-app access and seamless user experience beyond that delivered by traditional VPNs.

MVISION Private Access also further integrates with IAM (Identity and Access Management) and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) solutions, enabling strong authentication options for application access and supplementing context-based access controls. This eliminates the risk of threat actors infiltrating corporate networks using compromised devices or user credentials, preventing an attack from propagating a network.