CyberKnight signs with GTB Technologies

The inaccuracy of data breach detection and complexity of traditional tools significantly impact operations in today’s data-saturated business environment.

To address customer challenges related to corporate information protection, compliance, and data visibility, CyberKnight has signed a distribution agreement with GTB Technologies, a leading cyber security company that focuses on providing enterprise data protection and data loss prevention solutions.

GTB Technologies is the only data protection solution which can prevent the loss of data from malware and trusted insiders by blocking sensitive data in real-time with impeccable accuracy whether it is on premise, off premise, in the cloud or as a managed service. The company created AccuMatch, a proprietary technology with a unique patented fingerprinting feature to ensure the most precise detection, monitoring and control of sensitive data along with its movements. The platform is capable of real-time inspection of all protocols while stopping data loss immediately.

“Due to its complexity, nowadays more and more organizations are viewing DLP as a program that impedes the productivity and effectiveness of their employees. With GTB, CyberKnight is now able to offer regional organizations the platform with a modularized and efficient approach to data loss protection. Companies are able to integrate the system into their current toolset seamlessly and without disrupting the operational flow, all within 30 minutes”, commented Wael Jaber, VP Technology & Services, CyberKnight.

“GTB’s Data Protection Solutions are unique from leading competitors as it addresses threats from both trusted and untrusted users, accurately discovering data and stopping breaches.. GTB Technologies’ mission is to lead in both innovation and customer trust. While already having an extensive list of existing Customers and successful projects in the region, we are excited to accelerate our Middle East expansion plans, by joining forces with CyberKnight to support local organizations further, said Andrei Rogovets Manager of Business Development, GTB Technologies, Inc.