Owl Cyber Defense opens regional technology hub in Abu Dhabi

Owl Cyber Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross domain and network security solutions, announced the opening of its new regional office, located in Abu Dhabi. The new office, hosted and sponsored by Al Makamin Commercial Projects LLC, part of Sultan International Holding, LLC – (SIH), will house Owl’s in-region field staff that support the company’s growing customer base of oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, transmission and distribution, nuclear, renewable energy and water/wastewater operators; along with serving government agencies. The office will also feature a Customer Experience Center where customers can see current and future technology and work with the Owl team to conduct live testing of equipment and proof of concept projects to align with specific protocols or requirements prior to installation in a customer’s environment.

“Cybersecurity threats do not know geographical boundaries and we have helped our critical infrastructure customers in this region defend their networks for over a decade,” said Frank Pandolfe, President, International Operations for Owl. “The combination of our experience working with these organizations, coupled with our hardware-based defensive cybersecurity solutions like IXD, the first purpose-built cross domain solution for critical infrastructure network cybersecurity, will help us continue strengthening our existing relationships and reach new customers within the region.”

Owl has more than two decades of experience defending critical infrastructure networks for the U.S. government and critical infrastructure organizations around the world. Most recently, the company launched IXD, a high availability, hardware-enforced cross domain solution that controls, restricts and/or filters one-way and bidirectional data flows both to and from trusted and untrusted domains. Additionally, Owl’s data diode products are trusted by organizations around the world to allow seamless, secure data availability.

“We are grateful to the team at Al Makamin Commercial Projects for serving as Owl Cyber Defense’s host and sponsor in Abu Dhabi,” said Bob Stalick, CEO of Owl. “This new regional office is part of our ongoing expansion plan for the region and a concrete sign of our commitment to our customers, employees and partners in this region and our promise to continue bringing cutting-edge security technologies to the market.”

“Owl’s lengthy role as a technology provider to the region stands for itself, and this new office makes Owl’s team of experts and technology even more accessible,” said Michael Corbin, former U.S. Ambassador to the UAE. “The strength of the Owl technology, proven out in the U.S. over two decades of testing, accreditation and deployment, creates a local presence for a cutting-edge cybersecurity company.”