Guardian One Technologies partners with 1Kosmos

Guardian One Technologies, a MENA-based supplier of innovative IT solutions and services, has partnered with 1Kosmos, the world’s first cybersecurity solution that combines digital identity proofing with passwordless authentication.

1Kosmos is widely regarded as a leader in this field, with unique solutions for worker and customer (CIAM) applications. 1Kosmos solutions enable businesses to instantly protect and verify identities, remove usernames and passwords, and provide users with safe and compliant access.

Decentralised identity models rely on technologies like blockchain and decentralised ledgers to securely store identify data among several nodes or participants, eliminating reliance on centralised identity data repositories. Its distributed and transparent design, on the other hand, has the potential to boost trust, resilience, and efficiency.

“We are excited about the partnership which will allow us to support and offer our clients and prospects with this innovative and revolutionary technology. We believe the 1Kosmos’ flagship solution, BlockID, is a great fit for many organisations in our region.” said Ashith Piriyattiath, Chief Executive Officer, Guardian One Technologies.

“We at 1Kosmos are delighted to have found a partner who is as passionate about our product as we are. We are certain that Guardian One Technologies with its purpose-led approach will enable this alliance to reach new heights. We look forward to jointly delivering technology solutions that revolutionise industries and create positive social change,” said Kevin Brown, Chief Revenue Officer, 1Kosmos.