Expo 2020 Dubai cyber-security measures enhanced via Canon printed accreditation ‘passports’

Canon Middle East (CME), a provider of imaging technologies and services, has enhanced the document and data security at Expo 2020 Dubai by deploying state-of-the-art technology and implementing a range of measures to safeguard both partners and participants – primary amongst which is the usage of accreditation “passports”.

Anticipating more than 200 participants (including nations, multilateral organizations, educational establishments and businesses), an estimated 200 to 300 thousand accreditations are to be issued by Expo 2020.

All accreditations are being printed on Canon devices and each accreditation will act like a personal “passport”, determining which areas the holder can and cannot access. Recognizing the need to protect the data and documents of all, participants, partners and their staff, Canon has deployed globally recognized protocols and secure data-management software and hardware to ensure maximum data and printing security, and to minimize the risk of any “passport” being copied, duplicated or unlawfully accessed. Moreover, Canon has implemented safeguards at potential vulnerable touchpoints and partnered with McAfee to ensure added layers of embedded protection across both hardware and software.

Iman Alomrani, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Expo 2020, said: “As part of Expo 2020’s efforts to support imaging and high-speed printing across the site, we have engaged Canon as our official provider of printing and imaging solutions. Our partnership with Canon will help provide secure managed printing services, souvenir printing, professional print displays such as galleries for onsite media professionals, as well as accreditation and onsite registration printing”.

“In today’s digitally connected and tech-reliant world, maintaining high levels of document and data security is critical, because both can be exploited by malicious parties. With cyber-security being of paramount importance at Expo 2020, Canon’s participation will ensure that all accredited participants feel safe, secure and confident that they can operate freely and rest assured that their information is protected throughout the printing and imaging process. Canon is committed to re-imagining the future and as the sole imaging partner for the event, we look forward to helping make Expo 2020 a safe and unforgettable experience for all,” said Venkatasubramanian Hariharan, Managing Director, Canon Middle East and Turkey.