Emirates Post advises customers to transact through its official app or website

When making online payments for shipping and retail items, Emirates Post advises consumers to utilize only the company’s official website, emiratespost.ae, and mobile application. Moving forward, Emirates Post will no longer send consumers any SMS or email that directs them to a payment gateway.

The warning is part of Emirates Post’s continuous efforts to safeguard consumers from fraudulent web schemes that attempt to gain access to illegal payment channels.

It has advised UAE residents to use extreme caution when making payments, particularly when responding to emails and messages purporting to be from Emirates Post and containing links to a third-party payment system or enticing customers to create accounts and make payments to have their shipments delivered.

Customers need to ensure¬†the sender’s e-mail address and avoid sending out personal information. The bank will continue to monitor such actions and urges the public to report any suspicious communications as soon as possible so that relevant authorities can take action.