Epsco-Ra unveils next-generation shipboard cybersecurity

Cyprus-based cybersecurity specialist Epsco-Ra Security Systems has developed a comprehensive and thorough cyber security solution that would protect shipping company networks way beyond the standards required by IMO.

Epsco-Ra has unveiled its next-generation network monitoring, vulnerability detection and security management solution as cyber threats to shipping companies are compounding.

Ra Endpoint Detection & Response (RaEDR) service is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) application, configured specifically for low bandwidth connectivity encountered across merchant shipping fleets, and for enhanced security required in offshore and passenger shipping sectors.

RaEDR delivers a significant approach to security event monitoring, vulnerability management and security configuration management. The managed service secures all systems on ships and in company offices linked to the internet and identifies potential for security breaches and cyber vulnerabilities. Giving shipping companies 24/7 security monitoring and protection including against emerging threats, hackers and vindictive viruses, RaEDR starts improving shipping cybersecurity from the moment it is remotely deployed by identifying vulnerabilities on end-points throughout a network.

RaEDR as an agent-based solution, is downloaded then installed on to onboard computers and supported by a cloud-hosted back-end. It provides managers with a deep and rich view of onboard IT environments, providing real-time information on digital dashboards and diagnosing cyber issues.

The agents on these end-points then regularly scan networks for vulnerabilities at high frequency, for example every six hours if required, sending alerts to companies. It alerts IT managers if there are changes in vulnerability statuses, or if threats are attempting to intrude networks. This is a huge improvement on traditional systems.

RaEDR is fully scalable to any size of fleet. Shipping companies will pay monthly subscription with no upfront costs and services can be transferred between owners if ships are sold.