Qatar University launches of Arab Association for Cyber Security

The Arab Association for Cyber Security was launched by Qatar University (QU) to foster collaborative Arab collaboration to debate future issues in cybersecurity and to propose cooperative methods to build research and programs in this field.

In his speech, Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al Derham, President of Qatar University, said, ‘We at Qatar University are pleased to launch the Arab Association for Cyber Security, as Qatar University was known for its efforts in the field of scientific research. The results of these efforts were reflected in the progress of Qatar University in the list of the best international universities.

Professor Dr. Mubarak Muhammad Ali Majzoub, Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Scientific Research Councils, commented: ‘Scientific research is the backbone of technological development and development. The advanced nations have reached a high level of development in industrial and economic fields as a result of scientific research enhancement. The applied research centers have reached it in terms of inventions and technologies that have benefited humanity,

Meanwhile, Dr. Noora Fetais, Founding President of the Arab Association for Cyber Security and Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the College of Engineering at Qatar University, said the Association would coordinate among Arab scientists in cybersecurity to create cooperation between Arab scientists and researchers.