BeyondTrust introduces Cloud Privilege Broker

BeyondTrust, the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management, has introduced Cloud Privilege Broker, its new entitlements and permissions management solution that enables IT operations and security teams to easily visualize and manage access risk across hybrid and multi-cloud environments from a single interface. The acceleration of cloud adoption has made infrastructure entitlements and identities a primary attack vector, yet many organizations lack the proper resources or tools to adequately address their exposure.

The increasingly heterogeneous and perimeterless nature of hybrid and cloud environments is full of risk, putting more pressure on IT and security teams who have limited tools and resources. Every cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, has its own access management tool designed for its environment. These tools are not created to work with or scale across other cloud platforms, requiring teams to shift from console to console to manage permissions and policies across multiple cloud providers. The lack of centralized management and the inability to apply consistent policies across these critical environments increases the risk of a breach and amplifies costs for non-compliance.

BeyondTrust Cloud Privilege Broker helps organizations more efficiently manage entitlements and apply consistent policies across their multi-cloud infrastructure from a single interface. As a cloud-hosted SaaS offering, it is deployed on the BeyondInsight platform, providing a familiar user interface and experience for BeyondTrust customers. It can be fully configured and provide an assessment of cloud permissions risk in less than an hour.

With Cloud Privilege Broker, the efficient and consistent management of entitlements and access policies puts teams back in control of their critical infrastructure significantly reducing the risk of a data breach. It is built on a modern cloud technology platform that leverages a microservices architecture, enabling built-in scalability and resilience that helps future-proof technology investments.

“Digital transformation and remote working have accelerated the adoption of cloud technologies,” states Allen Vance, VP Product Management at BeyondTrust. “As a result, privilege management challenges related to a multi-cloud infrastructure are expanding. As the newest addition to our PAM portfolio, BeyondTrust Cloud Privilege Broker mitigates the growing risk of cloud permission sprawl and helps IT operations and security teams gain control over their critical cloud infrastructure.”