Fujifilm becomes victim to ransomware attack

Fujifilm, Japanese multinational conglomerate has been forced to shut down parts of its global network after falling victim to a suspected ransomware attack.

According to a notice put up on its website, the company confirmed that its headquarters in Tokyo was hit by a ransomware attack on June 2.

As per reports, the disruption to Fujifilm’s network has impacted its subsidiaries around the world. For instance, Fujifilm USA has also added a notice to its website stating that it is currently experiencing problems that have impacted all forms of communications, including emails and incoming calls. Fujifilm confirmed that the cyberattack is also preventing the company from accepting and processing orders.

“In the late evening of June 1, 2021, we became aware of the possibility of a ransomware attack. As a result, we have taken measures to suspend all affected systems in coordination with our various global entities,” read the notice on Fujifilm’s website.

While it has not been disclosed what ransomware gang was behind the attack, it is believed to be the REvil ransomware operation. Using the remote access provided by the trojan, the REvil ransomware gang will infiltrate a network and spread slowly to other devices while stealing unencrypted data.

“In the Fujifilm attack we see yet another critical infrastructure compromise. Fujifilm is a critical provider of processing technology for COVID-19 tests, so this hurts global public health efforts. Strategic attacks on large systems key to maintaining quality of life at scale – fuel, food, transport, now health – are accumulating on nearly a daily basis. Connect the dots; this concerted threats to everyday living that demand an even more concerted defense.” said Hitesh Sheth, CEO, Vectra AI.

Recently the US has announced a series of steps to tackle the growing menace of ransomware attacks, including setting up a dedicated ransomware task force, and treating ransomware attacks as acts of terrorism.

“2021 has seen a significant spike in ransomware attacks. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) says that ransomware attacks doubled in 2020 and that doesn’t include the spate of attacks seen this year. It’s clear that attackers are working overtime to compromise systems as quickly as possible to steal data and encrypt systems to hold company systems hostage for payment,” said Tony Cole, chief technology officer at Attivo Networks further to the ransomware attack .