Huawei hosts Saudi Core Partners Conference 2021

Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, held its virtual Saudi Core Partner Convention 2021. Under the theme of “Safety & Quality First, Digitalization Leads Innovation, and Collaborate to Win-Win”, the conference brought together Huawei’s key partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The convention mainly focused on the importance of partnerships and open collaborations as they play a key role in creating a win-win situation for all parties.

At the event, Huawei reiterated its commitment to strengthening cooperation and increase investment in developing the ICT ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. The company also held discussions on promoting communication and collaboration with its partners, and highlighted the need to build a healthy ICT industry in Saudi Arabia that secure, reliable, and competitive at the conference.

Mr. Heguixue, Vice President, Huawei Technology Investment Saudi Arabia, said: “As we prepare for a post-pandemic era, we’ve set stringent Quality & Network Safety standards are in place for various procurement categories, which will enable us to deliver exceptional quality of solutions and services to our customers. Safety of network and humans comes first which will never be outweighed by commercial interests. Cyber security and privacy protection are our top priorities, and we are committed to building trust and high quality into every ICT infrastructure product and solution.”

He added: “Digitalization enables efficient and high-quality delivery and Huawei Saudi will continue to invest in research and development of digital platforms and tools to help partners improve management and operations. We will also continue to work closely with our partners to develop the Kingdom’s ICT industry within different sectors. We hope that our efforts, together with our Saudi partners, will contribute to support in strengthening Saudi’s digital economy and achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030”.

From his side, Gary Harvat, Chief Operations Officer of Seder Group Trading and Contracting Co, said: “Throughout the years, Huawei has made a significant impact on the Saudi Arabia telecom services to benefit the community, therefore it’s an honor to be part of this global team. Digital transformation has played a vital role in improving quality and efficiency, and at Seder, we are continuously committed to work with global partners such as Huawei to provide the best in quality services.”

Mahmoud Safwat, Telecom General Manager of Rezaik Al-Gedrawy Contracting Co., said: “With Huawei, you can always ensure success and readiness for any challenge as well as the utmost customer satisfaction. We are confident that by partnering with a world-class company, we can achieve our main objective of always providing maximum service quality to our customers”

At the event, Huawei presented its overall business review to its partners, and shared details on its procurement policy, requirement and expectation, cyber security management, and business compliance, quality & EHS requirements. Attendees also virtually signed Business Compliance Guidelines, which included a commitment to Huawei’s anti-bribery policy. Partners with an outstanding performance in the past year were also awarded at the Saudi Core Partners Conference 2021.