Atos secures Bureau Veritas’ worldwide

Atos has been contracted by Bureau Veritas to provide advanced cybersecurity services to protect its 75,000 employees, 1,600 offices and laboratories in 140 countries. Atos manages the security operations to combat threats and cyberattacks with a Prescriptive Security Operations Center (PSOC) powered by a Threat Intelligence platform. The Group also ensures that some of Bureau Veritas’ existing security tools are maintained in operational condition.

Bureau Veritas assists many clients throughout the world on key quality, health & safety and sustainability issues and must therefore ensure the protection of its clients’ sensitive data that passes through its information systems.

In order to meet the security needs specific to Bureau Veritas’ business, the solution implemented by Atos is based on a prescriptive SOC located in Europe and operating 24/7, equipped with the latest orchestration, prediction and automation technologies to prevent and remedy cyber threats. In the event of an incident, Atos’ teams of security experts (CSIRT) are organized to react, investigate, and remediate incidents for a swift return to normal.

Atos’ solution integrates an interconnected Threat Intelligence (TI) platform, a real investigation module that traces various internal/external information threads and continuously enriches the SIEM with the latest information and alerts. Based on a risk model specifically designed for Bureau Veritas, the digital platform will improve threat detection, for example by targeting certain actors, regions, or users.

In addition, the solution deployed by Atos enhances the value of Bureau Veritas’ existing tools by integrating them into a global solution that provides a comprehensive view of security and thus improves the organization’s security posture.

“We wanted a true cybersecurity partner with whom to work hand in hand to maintain the security of our systems, in a sustainable approach.” said Julien Anicotte, Group Chief Information Security Officer at Bureau Veritas. “The Atos teams were able to adapt to the specificities of our organization and to our existing tools. They were able to implement an operational SOC very quickly, in line with our cloud approach, and will enrich it with new functionalities over the years.”

“The complexity and sophistication of today’s attacks continues to increase. Atos’ prescriptive security model integrates the best technologies and offers superior performance and reliability to enable Bureau Veritas to face tomorrow’s attacks and respond to its own clients’ security issues.” said Chris Moret, SVP, Global Head of Cybersecurity Services and Deputy Head of Digital Security at Atos.