SecuLetter signs a partnership agreement with Best IT

SecuLetter, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, recently has signed a partnership agreement with Best IT (Best Information Technology System), to supply SecuLetter solution in Middle East market. SecuLetter has been an active member company of the Born2Global Centre since 2017.

The partnership between SecuLetter and Best IT will enable Best IT to provide SecuLetter Advanced Email Security solution to the Middle East market and to integrate SecuLetter Cloud Email Security service into the Deom Mail service as a security-reinforced email service in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Best IT is a subsidiary of SLNEE IT (SLNEE Information Technology), a major information technology company in Saudi Arabia. Since the end of 2020, SecuLetter has secured a reference for integrating the Cloud Email Security service into SLNEE IT business email for product validation and has been recognized for its advanced technology. This recognition has led to finalizing this partnership.

Faisal Almuammar, CEO of Best IT has said, “As a result of testing SecuLetter Cloud Email Security service with SLNEE IT, we are highly satisfied with the SecuLetter advanced technology in all aspects. As we have come to know the excellence of Korean security technology through SecuLetter, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation and expand our business relationship in the Middle East market.”

Chasung Lim, CEO of SecuLetter said, “After attracting investment in the Middle East, it is meaningful that SecuLetter security technology has been recognized and has secured partnership through the process of consulting and securing local references. As we have recognized K-security technology in global markets—especially in security markets which is difficult for Korean information security vendors to enter–we will strive to continuously strengthen our capabilities, such as advancing our products by combing artificial intelligence technology to expand further.”

SecuLetter has also entered partnerships with value-added partners in South Africa and Southeast Asia as we actively progress in our global business expansion.”