Motorola partners with Zimperium to enhance mobile threat defense

Motorola announced its partnership with Zimperium to provide its B2B customers with industry-leading mobile threat defense (MTD) through the ThinkShield for mobile platform. By adding this Zimperium solution to its portfolio, Motorola is now offering business-grade security on its devices secured by ThinkShield for mobile.

With the addition of Zimperium, the ThinkShield for mobile platform will use the only real-time, on-device, machine learning-based protection; offering the most complete security offering on Motorola devices to protect against device, network, phishing and malicious app risks and attacks.

Zimperium’s solutions will help protect Motorola devices by:

  • using Artificial Intelligence to protect against zero-day threats: provides protection against “unknown” malware by analyzing the device’s behavior;
  • using real-time on-device detection: Zimperium zIPS is always monitoring the device’s behavior; the application runs on-device and is not dependent on servers or a cloud;
  • implementing business-grade forensics: enabling companies to perform post-attack analysis;
  • and leveraging advanced analytics such as malware classifications, privacy/security ratings, and reporting.

“Our goal with the ThinkShield for mobile platform is to continue to protect our B2B customers in this world of ever-increasing mobile threats, more demanding productivity, device management and service needs,” said Sudhir Chadaga, Head of Strategy at Motorola. “Partnering with Zimperium will add a critical layer of security to our platform, providing our customers with peace of mind.”

Our ThinkShield for mobile platform offers solutions that will increase productivity and help protect sensitive data against mobile threats. ThinkShield for mobile follows four fundamental principles: clean OS, secure by design, always-on manageability, end-to-end approach.

“We are excited to add Zimperium’s industry-leading active threat and risk detection to Motorola’s ThinkShield for mobile framework,” said Akhil Bhutani, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Zimperium. “Motorola customers can now enhance protection of critical business initiatives enabled by mobile devices, and lower overall risk exposure.”