Mimecast recognizes its partners

Mimecast announced the winners of its 2021 Middle East Partner Awards in a virtual ceremony on 15 March. The company shared key milestones of the past year and celebrated top-performing regional partners who have demonstrated outstanding technical proficiency and commercial performance. The winning partners were evaluated on several key parameters such as relevant certifications, revenue, number of deals, technical knowledge, and support and implementation of Mimecast’s capabilities. Mimecast also recognized the individuals who have been instrumental in helping channel partners reach these goals.

“Mimecast’s Partner Awards recognize partner innovation and excellence in serving our customers and ensuring their total satisfaction. We are proud to honour the winners who have gone above and beyond to solve business challenges, helping Mimecast’s customers realize the full potential of our services and improve their overall cyber resilience. The last year has been one of the toughest in recent times and our partners have been instrumental in helping us ensure our customers have the right security solutions in place, to achieve defence-in-depth for a remote working world,” says Werno Gevers, Mimecast Middle East regional manager.

Mimecast Middle East FY21 Partner Awards, categories, winners and criteria:

Mimecast Partner of the Year: Newlogic Solutions was recognized as being the partner with the highest level of commitment to Mimecast Middle East and managed to close the most deals in the last year. They have built a business that places Mimecast as a core service in their go-to-market portfolio.

Technical Services Partner of the Year: Teksalah was awarded for its exemplary levels of technical proficiency and customer assistance. They have been a partner of Mimecast for over 7 years and can position, implement and deploy solutions without Mimecast’s assistance.

Growth Partner of the Year: Kyoto Technologies was recognized for achieving the highest growth in the last fiscal year. They have closed several significant deals and have been an integral part of the entire sales journey. They are committed to building their Mimecast offering and delivering results.

Largest Deal of the Year: EVAD closed the largest deal in Mimecast’s Financial Year 2021. Despite being a partner for less than 2 years they have actively pushed Mimecast to Market with many successful wins.

Legend of the Year: Sincy Santosh from Bulwark Technologies was acknowledged for demonstrating strong support for Mimecast’s technology, having a deep understanding of the solutions and securing significant customer results.

Technical Legend of the Year: Deepu Thomas from Bulwark Technologies has demonstrated strong technical support for Mimecast’s technology and is responsible for the partner’s significant technical capability. Deepu has been recognized for his significant knowledge of the solutions and services and has completed Mimecast’s Sales certification, Technical Specialist Certification, Technical Professional Certification and Pre-sales certification.