FireEye unveils two new insider threat security services from Mandiant

FireEye today unveiled two new insider threat security services from Mandiant. The new services help organizations establish or scale up insider threat programs and are designed to provide ongoing protection against rapidly evolving and dynamic malicious activities within organizations.

Mandiant uses a “follow the data” security model to deliver actionable, organization-specific recommendations. This approach is designed to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities across existing safeguards, improve program capabilities and reduce the overall risk of insider threats. Mandiant Insider Threat Security Services are controlled agnostic and available as a point-in-time assessment or an ongoing, subscription-based program.

Insider Threat Program Assessment

The Insider Threat Program Assessment is a purpose-built, point-in-time service to assess organizations with a nascent or existing insider threat security program. Designed to follow the data rooted in three core domains – people, processes and tools – Mandiant leads dedicated workshops to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in the client’s specific environment. Available in three tiers to meet situational client needs, the Insider Threat Program Assessment delivers detailed, organization-specific recommendations and actionable roadmaps for tailored program outcomes.

Insider Threat Security as a Service

The Insider Threat Security as a Service is a holistic, subscription-based program that provides organizations with continuous, full-spectrum insider threat visibility, prevention, incident response, remediation and real-time threat intelligence. Powered by Mandiant Threat Intelligence, this service is imperative for organizations with a remote workforce and sensitive data that could be stolen or leaked. The Insider Threat Security as a Service provides delivery of regular executive briefings, insider threat activity case files and reporting, and threat intelligence specific to the client’s environment. Available in three tiers, this service has comprehensive coverage and expertise to accommodate program needs of all sizes, at scale.