LogRhythm partners with UAE’s Cyber Security Council

LogRhythm announced that it has been chosen by the UAE’s Cyber Security Council to provide advice and recommendations for cybersecurity monitoring and threat mitigation. The Cyber Security Council selected LogRhythm for its technology leadership and vision for the future of cybersecurity.

Mazen A. Dohaji, Vice President, India, Middle East, Turkey & Africa (iMETA) at LogRhythm said “We are grateful for this opportunity and want to thank Cyber Security Council for recognizing our work locally in the Middle East and around the world.”

“At LogRhythm, we believe in collaborating across the entire value chain, from regulatory authorities through to organizations and end users. Cyber Security Council has demonstrated its leadership and vision for cybersecurity and taken a proactive approach to securing the future of the UAE. Together, we will share our thoughts on security-first strategies and creating a secure foundation for innovation,” he added.

Cyber Security Council initiatives aim to ensure society’s safety and enhance happiness and wellbeing. It sits on the board of the Organization of The Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency Response Teams (OIC-CERT) and is the driver behind the UAE Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) initiative.

“The government of the UAE has prioritized cybersecurity to ensure that its citizens are able to benefit from secure and safe online experiences. We are committed to supporting private and public sector organizations with insights, initiatives and best practice that enables them to innovate, embrace digitalization and grow,” said Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Kuwaiti head of Cyber Security Council. “Our collaboration with LogRhythm is focused on mitigating cyber threats in real time before they can impact business performance or the happiness of citizens. We are excited to share our approach with the OIC-CERT and benefit from LogRhythm’s expertise.”