AHAD rolls out virtual workshop on advanced cyber defence

AHAD is gearing up to conduct a virtual workshop on advanced cyber defence titled ‘Bigger, Meaner, Smarter Cyber-attacks’. Scheduled to take place on March 24th, the workshop will highlight how ensuring enterprise-wide visibility can improve an organisation’s security posture, as well as the tools, solutions, and practices that can help them lower their security risk and threat exposure.

With this workshop AHAD seeks to make organisations aware of the security challenges they face due to poor enterprise visibility, as well as guide them on how to implement mechanisms that ensure better visibility across all applications, data, and devices.

Terbium Labs, VMRay, Sophos and Cyberbit has joined hands with AHAD at its Bigger, Meaner, Smarter Cyber-attacks virtual workshop that will provide an interactive platform to disseminate information and network with security decision makers from prominent organization in the UAE region.

Speaking ahead of the workshop, Muneeb Anjum, CEO at AHAD said, “Visibility is a critical component of the modern enterprise security approach. Why? Because you cannot defend yourself against what you cannot see. To react and respond to potential and ongoing attacks against their digital infrastructures with any measure of efficacy and speed, organisations must be capable of identifying threats and vulnerabilities within their IT environments in real-time. However, this is becoming more challenging by the day due to the growing complexity of the enterprise IT environment.”

“With this workshop, we aim to simplify enterprise visibility for businesses by sharing information about the latest tools, approaches, and solutions. Doing so will help enterprises strengthen their cybersecurity posture and lay down a robust and secure foundation for their digital
transformation journey,” added Muneeb.

To sign up for the workshop or to seek more information about the need to ensure greater visibility to improve the enterprise cybersecurity posture, click here