AppDynamics announce Cisco Secure Application

AppDynamics today announced Cisco Secure Application, the industry’s first solution to drastically simplify vulnerability management, defend against attacks and protect applications — from the inside-out. Co-innovated with the Cisco Security business, the world’s largest enterprise security company, this new solution correlates security and application insights through a single solution. Built natively into the AppDynamics platform, users benefit from reduced alert fatigue, real-time threat detection, and automatic breach prevention. The result is businesses’ confidence in application performance without the fear of significant damage to brand reputation and customer trust.

Secure Application is the only solution that uniquely brings together business performance and security insights with zero friction to protect brands against slowdowns and exploits.

“A slow or underperforming application can significantly impact the user experience, but when an application’s security is breached and exploited, it can be life-altering for the end-user. Companies simply cannot afford to ignore the risk,” said Jeetu Patel, senior vice president and general manager, security and applications, Cisco. “Secure Application is the first of its kind to deliver this level of security insight that empowers both Application and Security teams to safeguard customer and organization assets while delivering a best-in-class digital experience.”

With Secure Application, enterprise IT teams will have access to:

● Automatic runtime protection: Visibility into an application’s true behaviour to easily detect attacks, identify deviations and block attacks automatically.

● Simplified vulnerability management: Access at the code level to detect dependency and configuration level security vulnerabilities in production.

● Security insights informed by business impact: Security details correlated with the application topology to apply business relevance to security events and helps teams focus on the incidents that matter most.

● Collaboration between Application and Security teams: Shared context for Application and Security teams for optimal collaboration, improved security posture, and healthy digital business.

AppDynamics with Cisco Secure Application is currently accessible through early availability.