Tenable unveils an enhanced MSSP portal

Tenable today announced an enhanced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) portal to supercharge partners’ cloud-based vulnerability management offerings with Tenable.io. The updated portal will enable MSSPs to self-provision and self-service their own Tenable.io instances, up to 1,000 assets, empowering partners to build and launch vulnerability management services in the cloud within minutes.

“MSSPs have become the cybersecurity backbone of small-to-medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises,” said Mark Thurmond, chief operating officer, Tenable. “With such a massive, untapped market opportunity, the Tenable.io MSSP portal will enable partners to spin up their own cloud-based vulnerability management services in minutes. Our commitment to and partnership with MSSPs reflects our conviction that speed is strategic, especially in the cloud.”

The portal will be available to Tenable’s more than 350 MSSP partners and will include the following key features:

● Multi-Tenancy Console: Partners can self-provision and self-service each of their customers’ Tenable.io containers — from managing to monitoring to reporting — within one unified interface. The MSSP onboarding process will also be fully automated with the ability to dynamically assign new Tenable.io containers to partners’ MSSP Portals at the time of provisioning.

● Single Sign-On: Partners only have to maintain a single set of user credentials to service all of their Tenable.io customers. After a single authentication, security service analysts will be able to securely access specific customers’ Tenable.io containers with the click of a button. Partners will also have the ability to restrict access to individual customer instances so that security analysts can only view customer environments they are responsible for.

● Enterprise-Grade Data Security: The Tenable.io portal is a management layer that works on top of the company’s standard Tenable.io architecture which adheres to stringent security requirements. This means customer data is still 100 percent contained within their own Tenable.io container, fully encrypted and not accessible by any other parties. The portal will also enable role-based access control to restrict account access to only authorized users.

The Tenable.io MSSP portal enhancements are being rolled out in a phased approach. All enhancements will be available by the end of Q1 free of charge to all qualified MSSP partners.