Cyway and odix to eliminate the threat of malware

Cyway, a UAE-based cybersecurity distributor signed a distribution agreement with odix, an established cyber security leader in Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to expand its footprint in the Middle East.

Malware cripples businesses, compromises critical infrastructure and leaves user data vulnerable to any number of malicious players. From the Solarwinds and Fireeye breaches, to the seemingly never-ending cyber assault on businesses and government alike, the need to protect user and data from malware and cyber criminals has never been more essential. Most of cyber-attacks start with malicious code embedded either in innocent looking file or with phishing link. odix technology provides the ultimate malware prevention against file-based attacks.

odix’s patented CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology performs disarms malicious code from embedded files in an instant. The concept is simple, rather than detecting the malware- like a traditional antivirus or sandbox system, odix purges all malicious elements nested in file attachments, and produces a fully accessible and malware free copy of the file to the use, all within the blink of an eye.

Koshy Oommen, Director of Operations at Cyway commented “File based attacks are one of the top attacks vectors the market is currently facing.  Although most of the Enterprises invest millions in cyber security tools, they remain vulnerable to new zero-day attacks and malware which bypasses common type filters. We have partnered with odix to address one of the weakest points in many organization’s cyber security infrastructure

odix CEO, Dr. Oren Eytan adds “we are excited to partner with Cyway and eliminate the threat of malware in the gulf and beyond. With Cyway’s established track record as an industry leader in dynamic cybersecurity products and odix’s innovative range of deep file inspection based malware solutions, we are here to improve email security in the middle east for many years to come.”