Rapid7 and SCADAfence provide deeper visibility into IT and OT devices

Rapid7 partnered with SCADAfence to provide broader and deeper visibility into traditional IT and IoT/OT devices co-located in manufacturing and critical infrastructure environments. 

As Industrial Control System (ICS) and OT environments continue to become digitally connected, they are increasingly more exposed and vulnerable to substantial cybersecurity risks. Security teams tasked with protecting these environments lack both the required visibility into their OT and IoT devices and the tools to manage them. Gaining this visibility is not only critical for understanding where security risks may exist, but it is also a fundamental step to securely enable smart manufacturing and smart grids across production facilities and the supply chain.

“Security teams today are increasingly responsible for protecting and managing the risk of their organization’s OT and IoT environments, but currently lack the visibility and controls to do so effectively,” said Cindy Stanton, senior vice president, vulnerability risk management at Rapid7. “Our partnership with SCADAfence will provide customers with a more holistic view of IT and OT devices connected to their network, allowing them to identify, manage and mitigate risks within their environments.”

Elad Ben-Meir, CEO of SCADAfence

Through this partnership, Rapid7 and SCADAfence will assist organizations by providing a way to visualize risk for IT and OT devices connected to their network. InsightVM, Rapid7’s leading vulnerability risk management solution, helps organizations discover devices in hybrid environments, assess for vulnerabilities and weaknesses, prioritize the severity of each vulnerability, remediate or mitigate if necessary, and set policies for collaboration across key stakeholders. Risk prioritization is enhanced by leveraging SCADAfence’s visibility into OT networks and identification of cross site communications and connections between devices with potentially exploitable vulnerabilities.

“We are very excited to partner with Rapid7 to provide our mutual customers full visibility and risk management across IT and OT environments,” said Elad Ben-Meir, CEO of SCADAfence. “We look forward to offering a comprehensive solution for customers that integrates the SCADAfence Platform, the Governance Portal and Rapid7’s vulnerability management offerings.”