Ingram Micro launches Cyber Security self-assessment tool

Ingram Micro announced the launch of CyberGram, a Cyber Security self-assessment tool, developed in-house by Ingram Micro to help generate Cyber Security momentum for Business Partners.

CyberGram is a user-friendly online platform providing deep insights on an organization’s Cyber Security posture. Founded on established Cyber Security frameworks, CyberGram provides users with highly tailored recommendations to improve Cyber Security maturity levels end-to-end across the enterprise to help organizations enhance the value proposition of Multi-Vendor Architecture solutions.

Dr. Ali Baghdadi, SVP & Chief Executive Ingram Micro META Region; and EMEA Cyber Security said “Ingram Micro is committed to continuing to provide the right value support of Cyber Security solutions to business partners across the region using our in-house developed Software, as well as Consultants and Solution Architects. Our combined approach, shares to best of our people, our processes, and our technology. Supporting our partners in increasing the business value of Cyber Security solutions for their customers enables our partners to address more new business at a lower investment, and generate innovative leads.”

CyberGram enables users to evaluate their environment across distinct levels of Cyber Security maturity. The tool then provides a detailed report with tailored recommendations designed to strengthen the users’ Cyber Security posture.

Access CyberGram today at and generate your Cyber Security Assessment Report.