Attivo to provide limited-term immediate free access to its EDN Suite of products

Attivo is stepping forward with immediate free access to the EDN Suite of products for organizations who need and want to immediately shore up their defences to prevent attackers from progressing inside the network.

The ThreatDefend platform offers the following and many more capabilities to defend the network from unrestricted lateral movement activities:

• Gaining in-depth visibility with the ADSecure solution into who is enumerating and discovering permissions from Active Directory

• Preventing exposures of high privilege accounts, service accounts, domain controllers, etc. with the ADSecure solution

• Gaining visibility with ThreatPath into Lateral Movement Paths (LMP) or exposed credentials on endpoints, and remediating these exposures.

• Gaining visibility with ThreatStrike into attackers stealing credentials and using them

• Preventing attackers from fingerprinting and discovering high-value database servers, file servers, etc., with the EDN Deflect function.

• Protecting important files and documents from encryption and exfiltration, and network mapped shares, cloud mapped shares, etc., from attackers and ransomware.

Attivo Networks solutions focus on the techniques, making prevention and detection much more effective and reliable. The portfolio includes best-in-class capabilities to deny, detect, and derail threats to prevent attackers from escalating privileges and moving laterally inside the network. In some recent advanced attacks, detecting lateral movement is the most effective way to find adversaries inside the organization’s network.