Attivo and Quantea come together to secure networks in the age IoT

The Attivo ThreatDefend platform provides early and accurate detection of in-network threats, regardless of attack method or surface. When the Attivo solution identifies an attack and compromised devices, it shares attack data with the Quantea QP device and Quantea PureInsight software. The Quantea solutions then provide access to a whole-packet, detailed and comprehensive history of the network data flowing through the infected system and all surrounding endpoints, allowing quick identification of all affected areas. Security professionals can then prioritize high-risk endpoints and immediately stop the attack before it compromises any other systems.

“Attivo and Quantea together provide advanced, real-time, in-network threat detection and improved incident response, allowing organizations to quickly and efficiently detect threats, analyze attacks, and remediate infected endpoints,” said Carolyn Crandall, Attivo Networks CMO. “The joint solution ultimately addresses the expanded attack surface and reduces risk related to IoT networks.”

In 2020 and beyond, the trend towards IoT marks the ever-increasing importance of network security across all government, non-profit, and for-profit entities and their duty to protect confidential and personal information. A Microsoft IoT Signals report estimates that 94% of businesses will use the Internet of Things by the end of 2021.The Attivo-Quantea joint solution will help protect people and organizations regardless of industry and function.

“Quantea and Attivo’s combined efforts have created a full suite (deception, detection, and thorough analytics) to assist in mitigating cyberattacks. By leveraging the highly adaptive detection and concealment capabilities of Attivo and the holistic approach of Quantea, organizations now have the opportunity to strengthen their security posture during these times and in the future.” Michael Francisco, Quantea CTO.