Tenable announces support of the ServiceNow Platform Paris release

Tenable announced its support of the ServiceNow Now Platform Paris release, through the Tenable Apps 3.0 integration with Vulnerability Response (VR) and ITSM workflows. The integration streamlines assessment and remediation workflows in risk-based vulnerability management programs, saving customers valuable time and resources in identifying, prioritizing and remediating high-risk vulnerabilities.

Tenable and ServiceNow predictive technologies enable IT and security teams to effectively identify and remediate security issues based on vulnerability and asset criticality. Customers can leverage Tenable’s Vulnerability Priority Ratings (VPR) directly within the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response application to view, sort and filter the remediation priority of each flaw based on the risk it poses to the business. Tenable Lumin customers can combine this with the Asset Criticality Rating (ACR) to understand the business criticality of the impacted asset. Once vulnerabilities are identified and remediated, IT and security teams can automatically re-assess assets to validate resolved issues, creating a complete, closed-loop remediation process.

Many joint customers can also now take advantage of ServiceNow Identification and Reconciliation engine (IRE), which standardizes the asset creation and matching process, enhancing overall data quality and reducing the configuration deployment time. IT and security teams can save time and resources by leveraging IRE to create and match assets discovered by Tenable in their ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

“In today’s highly dynamic and complex environments, organizations are facing hundreds if not thousands of vulnerabilities every day. Every second counts,” said Renaud Deraison, chief technology officer and co-founder, Tenable. “Our latest integration with ServiceNow enhances risk-based vulnerability management capabilities, enabling teams to invest their valuable resources toward quickly addressing the most business-critical exposures on the assets that matter the most.”

Support for both the Now Platform Paris and Orlando releases is now available for Tenable.io and Tenable.sc customers on the ServiceNow Store.