Secureworks announce improvements to Threat Detection and Response

Secureworks announced improvements to Threat Detection and Response (TDR) that directly address customers’ needs for a compelling SIEM alternative. Now, security operations teams can detect, investigate and respond to security incidents with greater detection visibility. They can also proactively hunt for, and gain actionable insights on, both known and unknown threats.

Secureworks’ TDR takes a holistic approach to security with superior detection and remediation capabilities informed and enriched by threat intelligence, machine learning, and integrations with a variety of 3rd-party point products.

New Log Collection, Health and Retention 
Security operations teams require data collection and retention flexibility to make informed decisions and power better business outcomes. In response to this need, Secureworks’ TDR supports the ingest and normalization of a growing list of supported data sources, including Endpoint, Network, Cloud and Business Systems, and is expanding capabilities to support additional data sources when investigating incidents. TDR will now support the collection and storage of raw data from any syslog-based log source in investigations, reporting and enrichment activities. This support, coupled with expanded retention options, allows TDR buyers the data retention flexibility they need to power business outcomes in addition to TDR’s existing security investigation capabilities. These latest improvements also help practitioners and IT professionals understand the health of their data sources in TDR, which further establishes TDR as a trusted analytics solution.

New Search and Reporting
Secureworks is enhancing TDR’s flexible search and reporting capabilities to help security operations leaders and administrators quickly find the data they need, and more easily share insights across the organization to improve communication and decision making in an increasingly complex threat environment. Building on application capabilities, such as storage of normalized data which have been embedded in the application since its launch in 2019, these latest enhancements deliver an improved intuitive data query experience, allowing users to search across all raw data up to three years, including custom log sources, and use search results for on demand, export or scheduled reports.

New Custom Use Case Support and Alert Customization
Secureworks’ TDR will have new and improved alert customization and suppression capabilities, with custom detection rules for Secureworks supported data sources. This extension enables security operations teams to customize the software application to better fit their varying security use cases.

“Our cloud-native security applications are designed to grow and transform with security operations to outpace a continually evolving threat landscape. These updates to TDR reflect that growth,” said Steve Fulton, Secureworks’ Chief Product Officer. “To be truly effective in the fight against the adversary, we must strengthen and enable the security community at large, and that begins by sharing and innovating our software.”