Spectrami and OneSpan to introduce digital identity and anti-fraud solutions in Egypt

Spectrami has partnered with OneSpan to introduce digital identity and anti-fraud solutions in Egypt. OneSpan, the global leader in securing remote banking transactions, that would enable companies to flexibly deploy identity verification, authentication, mobile security, fraud prevention, e-signature and more either together or as standalone solutions.

Anand Choudha, CEO at Spectrami said, “No security issue should go unchecked. With an increase in online transactions, and digital transformation, it is now more important than ever. Securing every aspect of the company brand including the identity of their stakeholders and their position within the company network is crucial. With OneSpan, we are certain that this issue can be readily dealt with, and with the ease of deployment offered by a cloud-based solution, it will certainly put our customers at ease knowing their networks cannot be penetrated using any form of identity theft.”

Through this partnership, Spectrami will help prevent identity fraud and enable secure digital journeys for Egyptian enterprises in financial services, government and healthcare.

As companies continue to shift to delivering services remotely, the opportunity for digital fraud also increases. Spectrami’s partnership with OneSpan helps secure digital identities and protect organizations and their data against digital fraud.

Charbel Diab, Managing Director, Middle East at OneSpan

Spectrami will work closely with OneSpan to offer sales and technical support, knowledge transfer, skill upgradation and ensure the availability of OneSpan’s entire suite of digital identity and anti-fraud solutions to its channel partners spread across Egypt.

“OneSpan uses new technologies including facial recognition, identity verification, behavioral biometrics, and artificial intelligence that provide convenience and the highest level of fraud protection to enterprises and financial service providers globally,” said Charbel Diab, Managing Director, Middle East at OneSpan. “Our partnership with Spectrami is reflective of the global adoption our digital identity and anti-fraud solutions have had because of their success at scaling to protect against the increasing number of threats due to the pandemic.”