Western Digital introduces ArmorLock Security Platform

Western Digital today introduced the ArmorLock Security Platform. A data encryption platform that rethinks how data security should be done, the ArmorLock Security Platform was created to help with the diverse security demands of data-centric and content-critical storage use cases in industries as varied as finance, government, healthcare, IT enterprise, legal, and media and entertainment. As data security concerns continue to rise in visibility, Western Digital plans to apply the platform across a range of storage solutions.

The first product to leverage this advanced technology, the new G-Technology ArmorLock encrypted NVMe SSD, is designed to deliver an easy-to-use, high-performance, high-grade security storage solution for creators in the media and entertainment industry.

Unlike password-based encryption technologies, the ArmorLock Security Platform delivers unmatched security that allows the content owner to control how data is accessed and by whom. The ArmorLock encrypted NVMe SSD delivers this technology with simplicity, reliability and speed while protecting mission-critical content.

A comprehensive set of technologies covers the ArmorLock product lifecycle from manufacturing to out-of-the-box setup, in-field updates, and configuration and key management that ties directly into hardware-backed modules and biometric protection on some of the latest smartphone and desktop platforms. Designed to help improve how people manage critical data, the ArmorLock platform eliminates the tradeoff between fast access to data and privacy by delivering both at the same time.

Western Digital also announced the open source release of Sweet B, the high-performance core cryptography library that underlies the ArmorLock Security Platform. Sweet B is designed to provide a new level of safety and assurance in open source elliptic curve cryptography and its GitHub repository includes documentation, a comprehensive test suite, and an independent third-party audit by the security research firm Trail of Bits.

Key features of the ArmorLock Security Platform include:
• Manufacturing technologies that provision each device with a root of trust and digital certificate of product authenticity

• Simple and robust firmware updates delivered straight from the ArmorLock app

• Open source, third party audited core cryptography with side-channel attack mitigation

• Sandboxed smartphone and desktop applications delivered through platform-native app stores – no special installer required

• Communications over wireless and wired connections with zero-touch certificate-based provisioning

• Password-less authentication and key exchange technologies that directly link storage encryption to hardware-backed biometric authentication

• Zero-knowledge public key management that helps protect your privacy even if the ArmorLock device is lost or stolen.

The ArmorLock encrypted NVMe SSD – delivering up to 1000MB/s read and write speeds via a SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps port – sets a new standard for high-speed encryption products by combining both ease-of-use and next-generation “zero knowledge” security. With the ArmorLock app, users can unlock the device wirelessly with their phone, using face recognition, a fingerprint, or the phone’s passcode ensuring lost passwords don’t cause missed deadlines. The SSD provides encryption without getting in the way of the workflow by enabling collaboration without the need to tape PINs to the drive.

The ArmorLock mobile and desktop apps also provide fleet managers the ability to configure and manage multiple drives and multiple users to control who has access. Especially important for collaborative workflows that require safe shipping of content between physical locations, the next-gen security in ArmorLock devices enables teams to authorize remote users before sharing the drives using popular messaging and email services.

Other key features of the ArmorLock encrypted NVMe SSD and ArmorLock app include:

• Simple  set up and easy unlock with your smartphone via the ArmorLock app
• High-grade 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption
• Secure erase and reformat to your favourite file system in one step
• Track the last known location of the drive on a map
• In-field updates for continued security support, improvements, and new features
• Ultra-rugged durability with IP67 dust/water resistance, up to 3M drop protection and 1000lb crush resistance

Pricing and Availability
The ArmorLock encrypted NVMe SSD is available today in the Western Digital Store and from select e-tailers and retailers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. The SSD is available in 2TB for MSRP $599 in the United States. The ArmorLock app for iOS and macOS is available for free download