ESET rolls out its Back to school promotion

With students relying on home devices and networks often shared by multiple users, it has never been more important to secure your networks and personal and professional data. To enhance the security of students, ESET has extended its support and today announced its new Back to School promotion, offering huge discounts of upto 76% on ESET Internet Security.

You can buy ESET Internet Security license of 1 year for 5 devices at 67% discount and the 1 year for 10 devices license is available at 76% discount. ESET is also offering a 3 years license for any number of devices at 50%.

COVID-19 has dramatically altered the education experience for the foreseeable future, both for school-age children and university students. For many, virtual classrooms replaced physical ones overnight, turning living rooms into classrooms and disrupting technological systems already in place.

As virtual schooling becomes more commonplace, a longer-term concern for educators and students alike is how to maintain online privacy and data protection as personal information, such as grades and behavioral reports, need to be shared. For those returning to the physical classroom, abiding by hygienic and social distancing guidelines will be critical, and teachers can focus on the physical safety of their students once they know their online experience is secured.

ESET Internet Security offers advanced protection from hackers, scams and malware, and is a multi-layered security system that protects you against all types of online and offline threats. Key features include:

  • Multiplatform protection – Secure all your devices with a single license. No matter whether you run on a Mac, Windows, Android or Linux, we’ve got you covered!
  • Keep your privacy protected – Prevent unauthorized access to your computer and misuse of your data.
    Stay safe while making online payments – Our product automatically protects your internet banking and offers a special secured browser through which you can safely pay online and access web-based crypto wallets.
  • Anti-theft features – Stay safer by tracking and locating your missing computer in case it gets lost or stolen, and identify thieves via your laptop’s built-in camera.
  • Enjoy safer connections – Protect your webcam and home router from intruders. Test your passwords, and scan your smart devices for vulnerabilities.

ESET Consumer & IoT Segment Director, Mária Trnková, commented, “So many aspects of life have changed dramatically over the course of the year, and education is no exception. The pandemic has transformed the teaching and learning experience for many across the globe, and the last thing anyone needs is to deal with a cybersecurity breach. We are proud to support educators and students with cutting-edge technology to ensure that all users are safe and secure this back to school season.”

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