SentinelOne gets recognized by KuppingerCole’s 2020 Market Compass for EPDR

SentinelOne today announced the company was recognized as the Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response (EPDR) featured innovation vendor in KuppingerCole’s 2020 Market Compass for Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response. SentinelOne received the highest scores for 8 out of 9 criterion in the report.

As per KuppingerCole’s latest Market Compass, SentinelOne earned ‘strong positive’ ratings in security, interoperability, usability, deployment, malware protection, threat hunting, automated responses, and common functions. The report highlights SentinelOne’s advanced EDR features, state-of-the-art ML detection models, and ability to replace multiple types of endpoint and network security tools with a single solution to prevent, detect, analyze and respond to cyberthreats across all enterprise IT assets, from IoT devices to the data center and to the cloud.

“Most traditional and next-gen approaches only rely on scanning files to detect attacks, which makes them extremely vulnerable to new attack techniques,” Daniel Bernard, CMO, SentinelOne. “The shortcomings of other products are especially relevant with today’s live and fileless attacks. The KuppingerCole designation validates that SentinelOne is the only next-gen solution that autonomously defends every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle, purely using AI.”