SailPoint and Proofpoint partner to protect people’s data and inbox

SailPoint Technologies and Proofpoint have partnered to protect people’s data and inbox. As part of this partnership, joint customers can now further safeguard high-risk users by identifying and applying appropriate levels of access to critical systems and data. Secure access to sensitive applications and data is under threat through targeted phishing emails and malware attacks.

Through the AI-enabled SailPoint Predictive Identity platform, SailPoint provides the vital – and automated — visibility needed into who has access to what sensitive data and applications and whether or not that access is warranted for each person’s role at the company. This, when integrated with Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), creates a powerful combination that will help to automatically detect, analyze, and block email threats targeting the digital workforce at increasing velocity.

The SailPoint and Proofpoint partnership helps ensure that access to targeted applications and data is automatically adjusted when risk is detected.

“Attackers are relentlessly targeting individuals to gain access to critical systems and data—and organizations need deep visibility into their high-risk users,” said Bhagwat Swaroop, executive vice president of Industry Solutions and Business Development for Proofpoint. “Every person is unique, and so is their risk profile. Our partnership with SailPoint allows joint customers to apply appropriate levels of access to enhance security and significantly reduce risk. The insight we provide into targeted individuals and advanced threats, combined with SailPoint’s ability to apply identity governance to these high-risk users, helps extend our People-Centric Security Framework.”