CompTIA offers IT Professionals free resources

CompTIA’s “DDoS Guide for IT Pros” is a free resource that provides comprehensive information on the nature and types of DDoS threats; explains how to identify organizational vulnerabilities and recognize the warning signs of a potential attack; identifies the tools, best practices and response procedures that can prevent attacks or minimize their damage; and more.

“DDoS attacks have grown in scope, size and sophistication,” said Dr. James Stanger, chief technology evangelist at CompTIA. “An organization that is unprepared for an attack can face devastating consequences – hours of downtime and millions of dollars in lost business and productivity.”

A DDoS attack typically occurs when a network, server or website is flooded with traffic by a malicious actor until the target cannot respond properly or simply crashes. Sometimes, even a few malformed packets can destabilize a system. This prevents legitimate users from accessing email, websites, online accounts, or other services.

A recent report estimated that there were more than 175,000 DDoS attacks in the United States in March. But the threat is not limited to the U.S. South Korea experienced nearly 74,000 incidents during the month; Brazil, more than 51,000; China, 45,000; and the United Kingdom, almost 44,000.

“No one is immune, but organizations can minimize their risk by investing in both technologies and personnel,” Stanger noted. “Our guide identifies the steps that any business can take to strengthen their defense against an attack.”

CompTIA’s “DDoS Guide for IT Pro” includes information on:

  • Preventive measures, such as network reconfiguration, exercises and simulations.
  • Identifying warning signs that an attack may be imminent or underway.
  • Response techniques and services to help mitigate potential damage.
  • Best practices to deploy to create a coordinated defense.
  • The cybersecurity skills an IT pro needs to manage a DDoS attack.

“Just as technology advances, so do the cyber-threats we must deal with,” Stanger said. “That’s why it’s essential for IT professionals to continue to educate themselves through ongoing training and professional certification.”

The standards and practices taught in the industry can help IT pros and their employers respond to DDoS attacks. One way to stay current with the standards and best practices covered by IT certifications is to visit the CompTIA Career Pathway.

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