CyberKnight launches CSR initiative

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations around the globe are instituting work/learn from home policies. According to Gartner, “CIOs should prepare IT systems to safely and reliably handle a vast increase in remote workers and digital fulfilment of market demand”. Meanwhile, a spike in phishing attacks and ransomware was observed during the outbreak as attackers are using the situation as an opportunity to commit fraud, by impersonating brands to mislead employees and customers.

To address regional customer challenges related to budget constraints and making remote working more secure, CyberKnight has launched a special CSR program which offers a range of cybersecurity solutions at no cost, in collaboration with its vendors. The program will be available to customers for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

Unlimited and free access will be provided for:

• RiskIQ: to help analysts with cyber threat hunting, investigation and analysis.

• Flashpoint: to prevent account takeover fraud, and gain visibility on emerging malware.

• Valimail: to automatically stop phishers from spoofing your domain.

• Immersive Labs: provides 24 hours’ worth of cybersecurity training content.

• PhishRod: provides simulation and training for phishing and COVID-19 safety to 200 users.

• MobileIron: to validate, authorize and secure mobile devices before accessing critical resources.

“Together with our technology partners we are coming together and finding innovative ways to minimize the impact of cybercrime on the organizations in the region and to limit disruptions to their day-to-day operations. By offering free cybersecurity solutions we aim to help Middle East customers tackle cyberthreats that may be even more prevalent due to remote working during the coronavirus outbreak, while their budgets are being impacted”, commented Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder and COO at CyberKnight.