Illusive Networks announces an integration with Infoblox DDI

Illusive Networks today announced an out-of-the-box integration with Infoblox DDI. The integration allows for the automated mapping of deceptive hostnames so that DNS deceptions are simple to deploy, with no need for additional and monotonous manual or scripted mapping. The combined solution also reduces the need for security operations center (SOC) teams to rely on external IT networking staff to keep hostname deceptions updated and authentic, greatly reducing deployment and management overhead.

To be successful, distributed deceptions must appear realistic down to the tiniest details, so that sophisticated attackers will be duped into engaging with them and quickly notify defenders of their unauthorized network presence. Hostname deceptions, one of hundreds of deception types that Illusive Networks plants all over an organization’s network, must be mapped to the domain name system so that they appear to attackers like any other genuine hostname. This extensive DNS mapping also serves to bind the deceptive hostnames to the Illusive Networks trap servers that notify a protected organization when an attacker has gained access to their network.

With the new integration between Illusive Networks and Infoblox, DNS records are seamlessly and adaptively mapped to deceptive hostnames so that Active Directory (AD) hostnames can be deployed without manual or scripted mapping. With the solution, IT and SOC teams become more independent and efficient. Automated DNS mapping reduces the labour and expense of deploying hostname deceptions, while also speeding up the discovery and repair of any DNS misconfigurations that might enable other sideways network attacks.

Ofer Israeli, CEO and founder, Illusive Networks, said: “Authenticity is at the root of Illusive Networks’ distributed deception approach and this unique integration with Infoblox ensures that hostname and Active Directory deceptions are indistinguishable from the genuine article. With the power of Illusive Networks and Infoblox working in tandem, defenders can more efficiently force attackers to reveal themselves by engaging highly authentic deceptions.”

Dave Barry, senior director of business development, Infoblox, said: “Infoblox is committed to bringing IP address management to the next level. As more of our customers adopt Illusive Networks’ next-gen deception technology to identify and stop today’s most advanced cyberthreats, this integration allows them to further reduce operational overhead and add an additional security layer to their cloud-managed network services.”