BeyondTrust introduces a guide to its new UPM approach to PAM

BeyondTrust has introduced a guide to its new Universal Privilege Management approach to PAM. This modern approach addresses the entire universe of privileges across organizations, which continues to grow with the expansion of cloud, internet-connected devices, dynamic DevOps, and more. The Universal Privilege Management model offers a holistic approach to securing every privileged user, session, and endpoint, guiding organizations along a journey that allows them to address critical risk areas and immediately begin shrinking the attack surface.

The new guide helps organizations map their own Universal Privilege Management journey to address a variety of PAM use cases. This approach allows users to select use cases that are most critical, then easily expand to implement a comprehensive PAM solution over time.

The benefits of BeyondTrust’s Universal Privilege Management approach include:

• Shrinking the attack surface and windows of exposure by enforcing true least privilege by controlling both time (the duration privileges are granted) and space (the privileges and access pathways).

• Monitoring privileged user, session, and file activities for unauthorized access or changes that inappropriately effect the organization’s sensitive data or normal business operations.

• Analyzing asset and user behaviour to detect suspicious or malicious activities to secure operations in accordance with security best practices and regulatory guidance.

• Adopting a low-impact approach for PAM across the entire enterprise, protecting privileges without obstructing productivity, while also unlocking risk-reducing synergies to minimize resource consumption.

• Implementing seamless PAM integrations to other mission-critical security solutions (e.g. Identify Governance and Administration (IGA), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), IT Service Management (ITSM), etc.) to maximize value, streamline workflow, and reduce risk.

The BeyondTrust portfolio is an integrated solution that drastically reduces the attack surface and windows of exposure while boosting business productivity. These solutions are all underpinned by BeyondInsight, the industry’s most innovative, comprehensive privileged access management platform that maximizes visibility, simplifies deployment, automates tasks, improves security, and reduces privilege-related risks.

• Privileged Password Management discovers, onboards, manages and audits every privileged account – both human and non-human – and tracks every session.

• Endpoint Privilege Management grants the appropriate privilege to the right user or application, just for the time it is needed.

• Secure Remote Access enables organizations to manage and audit privileged remote access for employees and vendors.

“Today’s challenge is managing the explosion of privileges across the enterprise, which is hard to do when the number of users who need privileges is growing rapidly,” said Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, BeyondTrust. “It’s more than managing passwords in a vault for a limited set of privileged users, which is no longer enough. Universal Privilege Management from BeyondTrust gives users absolute control over every privilege in their environment.