Xage’s new security offering protects data sharing

Xage Security, the blockchain-protected cybersecurity solution provider has developed a new Dynamic Data Security offering, enforcing tamperproof data security with more control and precision than ever before.

Dynamic Data Security ensures authenticity, integrity and privacy for data shared between different applications, machines, organizations, and locations. Xage’s operational data-hardening implementation tamperproofs and replicates the data’s security information via the Xage Fabric to wherever the data will be consumed.

Now, organizations can securely share data from the edge to the data-center to the cloud, creating new operational insights and innovations––and enabling data-driven cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Xage’s solution creates new opportunities for secure remote work and remote cooperation across and between multiple industrial organizations, with an unparalleled degree of fine-tuned control. This universal protection enables businesses to create new revenue on existing assets, adopt new technology, increase operational efficiency, capitalize on new market opportunities, as well as improve safety, and reduce environmental impact.

“Xage was founded to underpin digital transformation across real-world operations. As today’s businesses face waves of disruption, holistic cybersecurity is the foundation for new technologies that increase operational efficiency and intelligence,” said Xage CEO Duncan Greatwood. “With this new level of security and control for data sharing, we’re empowering businesses to embrace these innovations and improve the ways they operate, work with partners and suppliers, serve customers, and more.”