Secureworks reaffirms its commitment to offer secure solutions

In an open letter to customers and partners today, Secureworks President and CEO Mike Cote announced that the company will take unprecedented steps to modify its managed detection and response, remote workforce and incident response cybersecurity solutions to reduce the financial burden and speed deployment for organizations that are particularly vulnerable in this unprecedented time.

Effective today, Secureworks will offer the following solutions designed to help organizations cope with business disruption and remote workforce expansion:

• Flexible Incident Response: providing access to SLA benefits of a retainer for six months, or 40 hours of usage, whichever comes first, at no cost for a six-month period, available to healthcare organizations, educational institutions and municipalities with mandates for public safety and essential services. The offering will help organizations reduce response time in the event of an incident and provide access to expert incident response consulting.

• Rapid monitoring deployment services: helping organizations recognize and respond more quickly to malicious activity by providing faster deployment of critical security capabilities. An accelerated MDR service implementation of less than two weeks, powered by Secureworks Red Cloak™ Threat Detection and Response (TDR) software, will provide organizations 24/7 access to Secureworks experts.

• Remote Access Vulnerability: new offerings to assess vulnerabilities more quickly so organizations can pressure test the security posture of their remote work environment.

• Consulting engagements: now offered remotely to critical sectors such as healthcare and manufacturing to assist them in establishing governance, business continuity and disaster recovery plans for remote work environments.

“Our customers and partners look to Secureworks not just for our cybersecurity expertise, but for our shared humanity to help keep everyone safe during today’s challenging times,” said Secureworks President and CEO Mike Cote. “At a time when companies are focused on protecting employees and business systems, they also are rapidly making business and technology decisions to keep up with the changing environment. Making security protections more easily available and affordable to our customers and partners is the right thing to do.”